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Research Animals & Models

JOINN is committed to providing you with high quality research animal models. From genetically standard and disease specific models to surgically altered animals, you can trust us to be an integral part of your biomedical research programs.

Discovery Services

Early drug discovery can realize the effective allocation of drug R&D pipeline, improve the success development rate, reduce the cost, and shorten the time of drug development. JOINN has a comprehensive and professional experimental technology platform. 30 years of evaluation experience enables us to have a deeper understanding of drug targets, mechanisms, therapeutic fields and other aspects, which can better boost your drug development plan.

R&D and Production

We offer a comprehensive range of services across all the phases of the drug life cycle, which includes Cell Line Development and MCB Manufacturing, Process and Analytical development, Formulation Development, Drug Substance Manufacturing and Drug Product Development services, along with packaged services for material production and IND enabling PKPD TOX services, all under one quality system supported by global regulatory services.

Safety Assessment

JOINN has rich experience in drug safety evaluation, and can provide regulatory (GLP) evaluation reports to NMPA, FDA and other countries by adopting international (FDA, ICH) technical standards, personalized trial design and standardized quality management (GLP).

Clinial Trials

JOINN Clinical focuses on early phase clinical research (generic BE/clinical phase I & PK etc.), and has established a quality management system that conforms to international standards. 
JOINN Clinical manages abundant hospital resources across multiple therapeutic areas, including oncology, metabolic, cardiovascular, respiratory, ophthalmic, and rare diseases, etc., and have carried out close cooperation with all mainstream hospitals.
JOINN Clinical supports sponsors from clinical study design to trial registration, clinical operation, monitoring, data management, statistics, and pharmacovigilance among other services. We aim to create a seamless transition from pre-clinical to clinical research for our sponsors. 

Laboratory services

When selecting research partners, quality, scientific integrity, cost-effectiveness and regulatory compliance are key considerations. JOINN balances all key values in the most stringent time, and provides comprehensive laboratory services from early screening to preclinical and clinical support. Whether you want to outsource the whole laboratory work or just need to supplement their own internal capabilities, JOINN's multi location facilities can provide a full range of service resources to meet the needs of the company.

PV Services

JOINN MedSafe is a company focusing on lifecycle pharmacovigilance solution invested by JOINN Laboratories (China) Co., Ltd. Our team is built up with experienced PV experts, , working under “integrity” “professionalism” “efficiency” “excellence” values. We devote ourselves to providing lifecycle PV solution to our customers including industry, regulatory, hospital and professional society for patient safety.