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Carcinogenicity Studies

JOINN has filed the most amounts of carcinogenicity study data to the Chinese NMPA and US FDA among all other Chinese CROs. Protocols for carcinogenicity studies are designed according to the government oversight guidelines (NMPA, FDA, ICH, EPA, OECD and EU) and are conducted in full compliance with GLP standards. We have veteran pathological diagnostic team and abundant historical database of carcinogenicity studies. JOINN has established credibility and excellent track record of acceptance of the carcinogenicity study data by USFDA and Chinese NMPA.


 104-week carcinogenicity study in SD rats

 104-week carcinogenicity study in mice

 26-week carcinogenicity study in transgenic mice (Tg.rasH2, P53+/-, Tg.AC)

Target Experience

GLP-1   DPP4   SGLT-2   JAK1/2   Her2   COX2