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JOINN is currently the largest non clinical safety evaluation service provider in China. It can provide personalized scheme design, drug screening, pharmacodynamics research, pharmacokinetics research, safety evaluation and other services for drugs, medical devices, veterinary drugs, pesticides and other new chemicals.
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drug screening

For pharmaceutical and biotech companies, it is vital to find out which drug candidates are worth investing in for research and development as quickly as possible. Ideally this should happen before the costly preclinical trials begin. Based on over 20 years s experience in candidate selection, JOINN integrated a suite of advanced screening technologies to provide drug discovery support for clients. Our screening services include efficiency screening (in vivo/in vitro), bioavailability, ADME screening, and Non-GLP Toxicology studies.

Production process

JOINN has a core technology team with rich industry experience, familiar with Chinese and foreign new drug regulations, and has a complete intellectual property rights of the engineering cell lines.Based on the R&D and production bases in China and the United States, the company will provide one-stop solutions from developability research, process amplification and optimization, quality research, pilot scale and commercial production for the global innovative drug research and development institutions.

Non clinical research

JOINN has built a thorough quality management system complied with the international standard: CNAS/ILAC-MRA certification, NMPA, US FDA, OECD and Korean MFDS GLP certification and international AAALAC accreditation. JOINN can provide customized services tailored to client’s specific needs for non-clinical safety assessments, clinical trials, registrations, and pharmacovigilance which cover the entire spectrum from development to final drug registration. JOINN also provides services in animal feed and veterinary medicine evaluation, pesticide evaluation, medical device evaluations, etc

clinical research

JOINN focus on early stage clinical research which could provide phase I clinical center, clinical trials (CRO) and sample analysis services.

Quality Control

JOINN is a third-party testing laboratory for drug quality research and verification of protein drugs, vaccines, gene and cell therapy products, etc., providing the society with innovative drug quality standard research, verification method establishment, preparation and identification of standard substances, cell bank, bacteria and virus seed bank, stock solution and finished product testing. Production process quality control key steps such as virus inactivation and clearance verification. According to the requirements of quality evaluation of innovative drug application, new methods, new technologies and new standards were established to meet the constantly emerging demands for quality research and testing of biological drugs, and to support and promote the development and industrialization of innovative drugs.