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JOINN has built a thorough quality management system complied with the international standard: CNAS/ILAC-MRA certification, NMPA, US FDA, OECD and Korean MFDS GLP certification and international AAALAC accreditation. JOINN can provide customized services tailored to client’s specific needs for non-clinical safety assessments, clinical trials, registrations, and pharmacovigilance which cover the entire spectrum from development to final drug registration. JOINN also provides services in animal feed and veterinary medicine evaluation, pesticide evaluation, medical device evaluations, etc.

Feed and Veterinary Drugs

JOINN's food animal evaluation facility is located at northwest of JOINN (Suzhou), 1 kilometers from the main research buildings. The facility comprises of 500 square meters and consists of 4 independent buildings. JOINN initially cooperated with Elanco to provide candidate selection, efficacy and safety evaluation studies on animals' health products, animal remedies and fodders and have now extended services utilizing JOINN’s state-of-the-art equipment, facility and research team, to other animal health clients.


Swine barn

Poultry barns

Storage room

Necropsy room

Office and archive


Swine/Polutry efficacy and T.A.S studies

Medical Devices

In recent years, with the emergence of new devices and materials, higher requirements for scientific supervision have been put forward. JOINN can provide medical device safety evaluation services. We can design customized protocols to support your R&D, application and marketing needs.

New Chemicals and Pesticides

JOINN offers a full range of safety assessment services on chemicals, and agrochemicals. Our skilled scientists can design and interpret customized protocols to support development and submission of your candidate products.