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Ocular Toxicity

JOINN's ophthalmology laboratory was established in 2012 in our Suzhou facility to provide comprehensive and GLP compliant study services for the development of innovative ocular drugs and new ocular devices. A professional scientific research team consisting of 35+ people with high caliber of technical skills and 500 m2 of ophthalmology laboratory has been established and equipped with world-class comprehensive ophthalmic equipments. It has provided non-clinical experimental services to over 100 clients, completed over 500 service contracts, and assisted clients to complete nearly 30 domestic and foreign IND submissions.

Surgical Models

 Retinal Pigment Degeneration: RCS Rat & RDS Mouse

 Cataract

 Glaucoma

 Diabetic Retinitis

 Optic Nerve Disease

 Other Retinal Diseases

Dosing Techniques

 Topical

- Conjunctival sac (eye drops, ointments, gels)/periorbital skin

- Subconjunctival injection/ anterior chamber injection/ intravitreal injection/ subretinal injection/ suprachoroidal injection/ retrobulbar injection

 Systemic

- Oral/ gavage/ intramuscular/ intravenous injection


 Safety evaluation
 Efficacy evaluation
 Pharmacokinetics

Animal Model
 Wet AMD 

- Choroidal Neovascularization (CNV) 

- VEGF Induced Vascular Leakage

 Glaucoma
 Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca (KCS) 
 Allergic Conjunctivitis 
 Corneal Wound Healing 
 Corneal Neovascularization 
 Corneal Graft Rejection
 Corneal Epithelial/Endothelial Cell Dystrophy 
 Oxygen Induced Retinopathy (OIR) 
 Retinal Neovascularization
 Retinal Degeneration
Diabetic Retinopathy
 Uveitis
 Cataract
 Ocular Ischemia/Reperfusion 
 Optic Nerve Degeneration
 Myopia
 New Model Development