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Pathology Services

JOINN's Pathology Laboratory provides you with the expertise, quality, and convenience that you deserve, with results that can be relied upon. We offer the most comprehensive laboratory services in the area, using the most sophisticated equipment available, and aided by veteran pathologists. In addition, JOINN is now making great efforts to build an international pathology laboratory and developing close cooperation with some famous international toxicological pathology research institutions.


 Experimental Pathology Service

 Toxicologic Pathology Service

 Peer Review Service

 Necropsy in Various Kinds of Animals

 Paraffin Section and HE Stain

 Frozen Sectioning

 Immunohistochemistry

 Tissue Cross-reactivity testing

 Special Staining Technology

 Sample Preparation for Electron Microscope

 In Situ Hybridization

 Gene Analysis: PCR and QRT-PCR

 Biopsy Sampling and histopathology


 Dissect 120 small animals/40 large animals per day

 Prepare 60,000 stained sections annually

 Finish pathological evaluation of more than 40 chronic toxicity studies