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Pharmacology Studies

Pharmacodynamics is where JOINN can leverage its extensive expertise and models to provide expert services. Our staff can handle your concerns with respect to pharmacological actions on living systems, including reactions with and binding to cell constituents, and the biochemical and physiological consequences of these actions.

The Pharmacology Department at JOINN is composed of knowledgeable scientists and diversely-trained study directors. It is a professional team with a rich background in pharmacodynamics experience. We can provide a series of services such as in vitro and in vivo screening for gene therapy drugs, antibodies, cytokines, protein drugs, and chemical drugs. preclinical studies on effectiveness evaluation for Chinese and international drug agency submissions, as well as human disease modeling and treatment. We have a package of advanced preclinical technology and a platform on effectiveness evaluation. We are committed to ensuring our clients for scientific and regulatory sound in their drug development and regulatory registrations.

In Vitro Services
Cell proliferation inhibition testing
Angiogenesis inhibition on chicken embryos
In vitro antibacterial testing
In vitro antiviral testing
Immune cell typing
Flow cytometry (lymphocyte typing, intracellular cytokine staining, etc.)
Flow cytometry for STAT5 phosphorylation
Cytokine release