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SSE: 603127
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JOINN Laboratories (Stock Code: 603127.SH/6127.HK) is the first private cro enterprise engaged in non clinical assessment of drugs in China. Since its establishment in 1995, it has a professional technical team of more than 2500 people, and has subsidiaries in Beijing, Suzhou, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Wuzhou, Wuxi, Nanning, Yunnan, Shanghai, San Francisco and Boston.

JOINN has built a thorough quality management system complied with the international standard: CNAS/ILAC-MRA certification, NMPA, US FDA, OECD and Korean MFDS GLP certification and international AAALAC accreditation. JOINN can provide customized services tailored to client’s specific needs for non-clinical safety assessments, clinical trials, registrations, and pharmacovigilance which cover the entire spectrum from development to final drug registration. JOINN also provides services in animal feed and veterinary medicine evaluation, pesticide evaluation, medical device evaluations, etc.

JOINN adheres to the purpose of "serve for drug innovation, focus on safety assessments and monitoring of drugs throughout life cycles". We utilize our unsurpassed capability, profound experience and unremitting efforts to provide our clients with a one-stop and top quality service for the entire process of new drug development and finally realize their ultimate goal - marketing the products.


Enterprise advantage

JOINN (Beijing) and JOINN (Suzhou) are the main bases of non clinical evaluation business in China. There are 73200m2 animal experiment facilities meeting international standards in both places. JOINN (Guangzhou) and JOINN (Chongqing) are also under preparation, and they are planned to be put into operation in 2023. JOINN is currently the largest non clinical safety assessment service provider in China. It can provide personalized scheme design, drug screening, pharmacodynamics research, pharmacokinetics research, safety evaluation and other services for drugs, medical devices, veterinary drugs, pesticides and other new chemicals.


We are a leading CRO in China, with increasingly rich comprehensive service scope and expanding global territory.
JOINN is currently the largest non clinical safety assessment service provider in China. It can provide customers with drugs, medical devices, veterinary drugs, pesticides and safety evaluation services.
JOINN Laboratories Founded
Completed the 1st Safety Assessment
on a Gene Therapy Drug
Obtained the 1st NMPA GLP Certification
JOINN (Suzhou) Established Passed the 1st AAALAC Accreditation
JOINN (Beijing) Passed the 1st
U.S. FDA GLP Inspection
JOINN (Suzhou) Obtained the
1st NMPA GLP Certification
JOINN (Suzhou) Obtained the
1st OECD Certification
JOINN (Suzhou) Passed the 1st
U.S. FDA GLP Inspection
JOINN(Beijing) Successfully Passed
the Korean MFDS GLP Inspection
IPO on Shanghai Stock Exchange
(Ticker: 603127.SH)
JOINN (Suzhou) Obtained
the CNAS Certification
JOINN Medsafe Founded
JOINN (Wuzhou) Founded
JOINN Clinical (Suzhou) Founded
Acquired Biomere
JOINN (Chongqing) Founded
JOINN (Guangzhou) Founded
JOINN Clinical (Beijing) Founded
JOINN Medical Testing Founded
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JOINN (Shanghai) Founded

Animal welfare

Many lifesaving advances in medicine and human health were drawn from the scientific discoveries using animal research and development. We are committed to helping improve the quality of human life while ensuring the highest possible standards of animal welfare.

We provide a high quality animal welfare system:

  • We treat our animals humanely and with respect. We follow a Code of Respect and Honor the contribution that our animals make to lifesaving advances.
  • We strictly follow all applicable laws and regulations for animal welfare.
  • We employ alternative scientific methods to animal use where appropriate.
  • We minimize animal discomfort. We apply best practice for animal welfare to minimize discomfort or stress to animals.
  • We ensure that our employees and processes meet the standards and requirements of AAALAC.
  • We train JOINN employees who handle animals to utilize the best techniques and procedures, and to apply consistent controls to ensure that our Code of Respect is followed.
  • At JOINN, animal welfare means more than a clean, safe environment and good nutrition. It also means that the animals are provided with the best husbandry available to experience a stress-free life and good health. Both facility sites in Beijing and Suzhou have been accredited by the Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care (AAALAC) International, which demonstrated our commitment to conducting studies in an ethical and humane way.
    As one of the world's leading providers of preclinical drug development services and other services toward human safety, we accept both the legal and the moral obligation to be a leader in assuring that animals in our facilities are treated in accordance with all applicable rules and with high standards of respect and compassion. In addition to laws and ethics, this obligation is scientifically important because failure to meet these rules and standards can undermine the validity of scientific research.
    If we learn that any of our employees have failed to follow the Code of Respect, we will take appropriate remedial and disciplinary actions.

Quality assurance

As a leading enterprise of cro in China, JOINN is committed to providing customers with efficient, high quality and cost-effective services to meet and exceed their expectations. To this end, each of our staff has a strong sense of quality and adhere to the whole process of standardized operation. With the continuous development of JOINN's business, technical specification construction is also constantly improving. Every work of the company strictly follows the SOP, ensuring JOINN's consistent high-quality service.

JOINN's management is committed to a high level of scientific quality and Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) compliance. JOINN is operated under a single quality standard, which is in compliance with both NMPA, ICH and US FDA GLP regulations. All staff must pass the systematic GLP trainings.

GLP Training

JOINN has an independent and professional quality assurance team, the members have abundant GLP working experiences and are familiar with GLP compliances. JOINN's QA inspectors perform facility inspections to assure management that the facilities, equipment, personnel, methods, practices, records, and controls are in compliance with GLP regulations.

Independent and Professional QA Team

JOINN has more than 500 SOPs to ensure study quality and integrity in the following categories: Administration Study Practice Laboratory Techniques Instrument Operation QAU Practice Animal Care and Use


JOINN's QA inspectors also perform study inspections at adequate intervals to ensure the integrity of the studies. The findings of the inspections are reported to the study director and facility management.

Strict Process Management